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March 9, 2020

Hello!  Due to the coronavirus news...  if you have cold symptoms (such as sneezing, coughing, possibly fever, fatigue, shortness of breath) do stay home, get rest, drink plenty of water/clear fluids, cover your cough/sneeze with a tissue (then throw in trash).  Be sure to call your medical provider if you think you need to be tested.  

To protect yourself, stay more than 6 feet away from others who have cold symptoms, refrain from shaking hands and hugging (people other than your family), wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, use sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) when you can't wash your hands, keep your hands away from you face.  Clean and disinfect doorknobs, countertops, and other objects and surfaces that are touched by people. Consider avoiding large crowds that are not necessary, and avoid traveling to an affected area such as:  China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Italy, etc.

Remember, "...And this too shall pass".  Think about:  "What can I control?" and "What can't I control?"  Do what you can to control that which you can control...  and accept and let go of that which you can't control (the best that you're able).  

 --Take good care, Terrie

Please Note:   TeleHealth/TeleCounseling  (video-counseling and sometimes telephone counseling) is available with some insurance policies and ALL self-pay. 

February 17, 2020

I'll be out of the office February 24th to March 9.  If you need counseling before I return, please phone Cornerstone Psychological Associates 208-373-0790 and you may be able to get an appointment with one of their therapists.  If you have an emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

                                                                                                                              Please see the message below and take care, Terrie

February 17, 2020

To all my clients...

You are very important to me and I need to tell you about a decision I have made for my counseling practice. It has been a difficult decision for me to make, yet I believe a valuable one for this stage in my counseling career and personal well-being.  Beginning June 1, 2020 the method of payment for counseling services will transition to all out-of-pocket (self-pay) and insurance out-of-network.  I will not longer be able to accept in-network insurance.

What this means is that clients will pay full payment for each counseling session at the time of the visit.  If she/he has out-of-network insurance, he will be given a receipt (called a “superbill”) which will contain all the needed information that the insurance company needs.  The client can mail the superbill to the insurance company.  A convenient alternative is for the client to obtain a free app for his/her phone (called “Reimbursify”); it will be found on my website under the “Rates & Insurance” tab.  Reimbursify is said to take five minutes to set up the first insurance claim; subsequent claims can be sent in less than one minute.  (There is a nominal Reimbursify fee for each claim.) 

There are many advantages to using out-of-pocket payment method:  (1) Counseling time can be flexible instead of being limited to the strict insurance 45'-60' sessions.  (2) Telecounseling (video/telephone) is available for all clients within the state, which adds convenience with illness, bad weather, and transportation challenges.  (3) The client does not need to be labeled with a mental health diagnosis (which some clients prefer).  (4) Most often an EMDR treatment can be completed in one extended session, rather than having to continue one or two weeks later.  (5) The out-of-pocket payment method covers therapy that insurance companies generally do not (such as couples counseling, marriage prep, work issues, and family discord).  (6) Oftentimes the out-of-pocket counselor/therapist will be very skilled with many years experience and a wide knowledge base.  7)  Clients are allowed several sessions in a week, or even two in one day, which can be helpful for out-of towners who can't make it to Boise often.   8) Many clients now have high deductible clauses on their insurance policies that will not pay for the counseling sessions; this may come as a surprise down the counseling road.

I sincerely hope you will be able to continue your counseling journey with me. Do contact your insurance company to ascertain if your policy has out-of-network coverage-- money directly to  you.   If, however, you need to seek out another counselor, that is certainly understandable. There are many excellent counselors in the Boise and Treasure Valley area.  Presently, I regularly refer out to Cornerstone Psychological Associates (208-373-0790) on Fairview between Cole and Milwaukee... and Boise Counseling Center (208-908-0500) on Kootenai. is another good resource.  You will find my future fee schedule (for June 1, 2020 and thereafter...) on the website:

With care and appreciation,



               I'll be out of the office for the last 2 weeks of October 2019.  See you in September.  :))


               Hello.  The telephone system was temporarily  down for improvement  purposes; it is now up and running and HIPAA

                safer than ever.  The new fax number is:  208-506-6876

                Take care, Terrie


               Hello  there!  I am pleased to announce that, for your convenience,  I am going to continue to accept most insurances.

               Take Care, Terrie



              Hello again.  I just wanted to let you know that I have changed scheduling programs.  You can still go to the website and                 make your own appointments in HOME or MAKE APPOINTMENT; you'll have to register with the same or a new                                   password... because you are new to the "Yellow Schedule" program.  Please forgive/ignore the "like" and "share"                             choices that the scheduler displays. This program is easier to use in many ways.   I hope that you'll find this schedule                        program convenient for you and use it often if you so choose.   Please call me if you have any questions.

              Take good care, Terrie



Hello!  I just wanted to let you know there are some new features on the website that I hope you will like.

You can now make payments and used online counseling at this website.  A couple of books and handouts have been added, as well.  In addition, the website will soon have a new and modernized makeover.

Please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

Take care, Terrie

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