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Terrie Towle, RN, LCPC
3306 N. Acre Lane
Boise, Idaho  83704                         TELE-COUNSELING NOW AVAILABLE!

Ph:  (208) 344-7800                                                  (Video-counseling & Telephone-counseling)
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I would like to introduce myself to you--as well as my professional services.  I am a mental health counselor at 3306 N. Acre Lane in Boise, Idaho.  I enjoy working with women, men, and couples--along with a handful of teens and children.  New clients are always welcomed.

For the past 25 years, I have been a mental health therapist in the Treasure Valley and have worked in the mental health field a total of  30 years.  In 1994 I graduated from the College of Idaho with a masters degree in community counseling.  Before my "counseling years", I worked as a certified psychiatric nurse in two local hospitals.   Prior to that, I worked as a registered nurse in OB-GYN nursing and Public Health, with a special interest in counseling and teaching.  A bachelors degree in nursing was earned from Idaho State University in 1973.

Today as a counselor/psychotherapist, I help promote emotional healing and wellness for, but not limited to:  PTSD and trauma; anxiety and life stress; depression, loss and grief; couples therapy and premarital preparation; relationship challenges and communication; health challenges and weight management; performance enhancement with work, sports and social skills; job challenges and job stress; adjustment and acceptance of life changes, and more.

My method of counseling is eclectic and individualized.  I believe it is not only important to listen intently to the client, but also to heal deep issues and teach life coping skills. Talk therapy, supportive therapy, and coaching; EMDR and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); visualization, hypnosis and art therapy; mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy; as well as psycho-education and skills practice.  These are all examples of therapeutic tools that are available to work with you, your loved one, or your patient.  The focus of treatment is to help the client heal their past, problem-solve their present, and acquire new skills for their future in order to meet his/her life goals.

On a personal note, I realize how fortunate I am to be married to my husband of 50 years now, and to also have two caring adult children, and one much loved "grand-teen".  My favorite places to sneak away to are:  the Oregon Coast, any sunny or rainy beach at all, Idaho City, and anywhere to be explored in Idaho, Oregon, California or beyond.

I would love to have the opportunity to meet you soon.  Please phone 344-7800 if you need more information or would like an appointment.  You can also visit the website at: www.aboisecounselor.com for more information, or to conveniently make an online appointment.  Telecounseling is now also available.

Best Wishes,

Terrie Towle, MEd, LCPC, RN        License # LCPC-173

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